Client Reviews

"Dearest Holly, I feel so close to you! I love you! I admire you! Your insights and your compassion and empathy touch me deeply.  I would love to go on a speaking tour with you!!!"

   June Alexander, PhD., Founder of The Diary Healer (, Author, Meehan/Hartley Award for    Public Service and Advocacy from Academy for Eating Disorders International Conference

"We Love Holly!  Holly has been an absolute godsend to our family.  For the past several years our daughter has struggled with depression, anxiety and an eating disorder that has crippled both her emotions and self-esteem.  Although we had worked with several different therapists in the past, no one was ever able to give Ellie the tools, encouragement and genuine love that Holly has given. Holly is fully hands on, quick to understand and totally relatable to teen-age girls. She shares her own personal journey, which has given so much hope for our daughter in recovery.  On a regular basis I receive messages from Holly, and she is always filled with meaningful thoughts on how we can work together as a family to support Ellie.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with Holly. She is the best of the best and it is a gift to watch our daughter blossom under her care."  C.T.

"She really appreciates you and she really feels the bond.  She said what you’ve done in a few sessions has been more than what Insight did the entire time."  A.S.

"Wow Holly! You are a brilliant human being.  You ALWAYS know just what to say and articulate everything so well.  I really admire you in so many ways. I don’t know how you know how to say everything in such a way that makes so much sense to Caroline.  I take what you say myself and internalize these truths.  You really amaze me and I am about brought to tears of gratitude for you.  Thank you. I really love you."  E.M.

"Thank you for all you do!!! I see the “lost” Paige re-emerging!! I’ve missed her sooooo much!!"  H.C.

"Thank God for you, Holly!! She really opens up to you and you have really been huge with helping her see how amazing she is and what incredible things life has in store for her.  Thanks so much!!"  S.B.

"Taking your advice ... Love does move mountains. Thank you so much Holly!!"  K.P.

"Your smile and energy are contagious!!"  E.C.

"Merry Merry Christmas!  I’m so blessed to have you in my life!  Thank you for all you’ve done! Love you!!" K.T.