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“Your book is riveting! I just need to tell you that I love you” -Maggie Bailly

“God bless you, Holly! I read cover to cover. I really had no idea. I knew a little. But wow! So glad you came out on the other side! The human spirit can overcome anything!!! So glad we’re in contact again” -Ward Starrett

“ I opened to the first page after smiling at the cover and could not put it down. I read it cover to cover in under 2 hours.

Holly, it is truly wonderful!! It was simple and honest and was not presented in a way that would cause people to feel sad or sorry for you. And it could have been because clearly your experiences were incredibly painful. I alternated between smiling at the funny terms you used to describe so many people and situations and feeling tearful at what you had to endure. But I never felt that you were trying to make yourself out to be anyone that needed pity.

I was impressed that you only gave examples of friendship, kindness and understanding shown to you by many people along your path. And I'm sure there were as many people who didn't show you that and who hurt you but you don't mention that. You only mention those who showed you love. You can be proud to have any family member or friend read it because you didn't write a single word that was unkind or blamed anyone. That amazed me.

It is beautifully every way. And it shows your heart and resilience along with your vulnerability. I loved the end where you listed the things you found to be helpful to you and might be for others. They surely make sense and seem do-able!

You deserve a whole lot of praise for your book sweetie. It is beautiful, honest, and simple. Through the whole thing I thought, this is one incredible child, adolescent, young woman and now a grown woman.

And it was also clear that you have always been motivated to love, to enjoy, to forgive, to understand and to grow. I feel very proud to know you.” -Julie Shannon

“Your book is outstanding. Hard for me to put down and I relate to so much of what you wrote! it is so well written I just love it.” -Kendra

“Outstanding! Well done! Can’t wait for my kids to read it. It has many universal truths about coming back from devastation to healthy living. I love moving from hurt to healing to hope, that’s life.” -Courtney Meistrell

“What a beautiful story you have written that is sure to help so many that deal with different addictions.” -Carole Sanders

“What a story. I learned so much. I hope others can learn and heal.” -Bridget Carter

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